Mercedes GL450


The Mercedes Benz GL luxury rental is an unlikely rental automobile. As with conceivably every other armed force design rental four-wheel-drive, it’s a credible luxury rental on wheels, all straight lines and fender flares. Yet unlike most other military inspired civilian rental motor vehicle, it comes normal with compact axles front and rear, three locking differentials front, center, and rear, and heated seats. Movie stars, luxury car rental customers, and the generally affluent keep it in the public consciousness. There is little about the Mercedes-Benz GL550 SUV rental that one could call appealing. There are no special designs on this luxury rental that make people clamor for more. The fender-mounted turn signals strike looks like something out of the twenties. From the front, the headlights framed by the chromed bumper guard make it look studious. Without even the admirable lines of the Range Rover, the G550 looks like it is always at attention. Still – and we’ll be the first to acknowledge that this is this luxury renters critical impression – the G550 luxury rental is not fancy but commands respect. In fact, it actually feels to transcend the idea of appeal at all; it is simply the ultimate in practical, spacious luxury SUV rental. Champions aren’t attractive, but they are wonderfully useful. Flutes aren’t beautiful, but they can make wonderful sounds. A BMW key isn’t appealing, but it can make wonderful rentals happen on any given day. As well, the Mercedes Benz G550 SUV luxury rental isn’t exactly beautiful, but it can be a wonderful and memorable family rental SUV.

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Vehicle Pricing
Daily Rate: $499
Included Daily Mileage: 100
Cost per Additional Mile: $2.00