Maserati Quatroporte


The Quattroporte Sport GT was created in order to meet the demands of those clients who desired greater performance and sportiness from the flagship. The car has brand new sporting 20′ wheels, carbon fiber for the interior, racing pedals. The echoes of Maserati tradition are evident in the aggressive black color of the grille and the side air vents. The front end benefits from red prongs, typical of competition cars from the past and of also the Sport GTs, a name that appears on a plate mounted on the side of the vehicle.

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Vehicle Specs
0-60 mph: 5.20 seconds
Maximum Speed: 170 mph
Horsepower: 400 hp
Maximum Torque: 333 lb-ft @4500
Engine: V8


Vehicle Pricing
Daily Rate: $499
3-Day Special: $1399
Included Daily Mileage: 100
Cost per Additional Mile: $1.00