Ferrari California


Ferrari California Cutting edge technology in every area enables the California to not only fulfil its role as grand touring car, but also, when the need calls, to offer all the performance of a true car from the house of the Prancing Horse, says Kevin Wall. The new V8 engine not only provides true super car performance, at full throttle it makes the expected Ferrari noise that guarantees to make hair on your neck stand on end. The gearbox is easy to use, but when called upon can change gears in a time that would have out a Formula One car to shame just a few years ago. The chassis is refined and comfortable, yet at the same the California can be hustled around a tight race track as quickly as any other V8 Ferrari. But what most obvious example of the twin characters of the California is its roof, on one hand it’s a traditional hard top coupe or, at the press of a button, it’s a full open top car. In essence, a Ferrari that does everything! The Ferrari California is the first ever front mounted V8 Ferrari, though, to be strictly accurate as the engine and drivetrain sit entirely between the axle lines, it is as much a mid-engined car as the F430. The mid-front mounted V8 engine, although built to the classic 90 degree V8, is all new and features direct fuel injection.
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Vehicle Pricing
Daily Rate: $899
3-Day Special: $1799
Included Daily Mileage: 50
Cost per Additional Mile: $3.00